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Club logo and moto?

  • Last updated: April 24, 2015
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Does the club have an official logo? Is it the one on the front of the building or the one used on the website? Does the club have a moto? Did it in the past? Just curious.

Both are club logos. As for a motto; can't answer that one, but Safety First would not be a bad idea

The current 'official' logo is the one used on this website. I don't know how far back the one over the front door goes, but I've also wondered when the update occurred and why. Maybe one of the of the long-time members can help us out.

As for a tagline or motto, suggestions are always welcome.

How about "Aiming for Excellence" as a motto

dman: excellent idea!

The new club logo was a design put on club clothing by Past-President Roy Bassett. The one over the front door is the original logo and is found on older hats and crests. No idea when it was created.

Showing 1 > 6 of 6 posts

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