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Poll destroys the Canadian Myth – 75.8% are for Legal Firearms ownership!!!

  • Last updated: May 9, 2014
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75.8 % of Canadians voters agree that firearms ownership should be legal with 22.1% opposed.

In fact the results came in higher than many have claimed. “There was an assumption by the powers that be that it was about 65% in favour and 30% opposed.” stated Terry Burns, Chairperson of the CFI-ICAF Board of Governors. “Here in New Brunswick the numbers were some of the strongest in the country with nearly 86% in favour of legal ownership.”

As expected there were some regional differences, with the lowest support in Quebec at 71.8 % to the national high in Saskatchewan at 91.2%

Analyzing the poll by demographics, gender, age, and income was even more revealing.

The breakdown by gender is contrary to the anti’s propaganda with 69.7% of women in favour of legal gun ownership.

Individuals with a higher level of income and education were more likely to agree with the concept of legal firearms ownership. This is of significance both to us as firearms owners and the politicians, as these are the individuals most likely to vote during an election.

· 78.9 % of those with a household of income under 65,000 were in favour vs. 87.5% with incomes over 65,000.

· 79 % of high school graduates agreed vs. 82% of college grads.

This particular poll was conducted from January 18th, 2010 to January 23rd, 2010. 1011 random eligible Canadian voters were interviewed by telephone. The *study has a margin of error of 3.08% 19 times out of 20 for the total results. Results from sub-groups will have a higher margin of error.

The question was phrased as follows:

In Canada private ownership of firearms is legal for hunting, target practice and other recreational purposes. To own a firearm someone must be licensed by the government and cannot have a criminal record or mental instability. Should private ownership of firearms remain legal in Canada or should private firearms ownership be banned entirely?

· Private firearms ownership should remain legal in Canada – 75.8% -agreed

· Private firearms ownership should be banned entirely in Canada – only 22.1% agreed

We now have established the first accurate, creditable stats and information which we can take to the politicians and use in our Public awareness programs.

“Knowledge is power”

Sir Francis Bacon.

The CFI-ICAF is embarking on an extensive independent and professional polling program to enable us to identify just how the Canadian voting public actually feels about firearms and firearms ownership in Canada. Our intention is to take this information to the policy makers in Ottawa.

We are participating in a quarterly national Omnibus poll. No one in the firearms community has ever done this before and we need your financial support. Please visit our website to make your pledge today

* The study was conducted by Campaign Research an MRIA Gold Seal research agency and the study was overseen by Richard Ciano who holds the MRIA Certified Marketing Research Professional (CMRP) designation

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