Becoming a Member

We are not accepting new members until Covid-19 conditions have been removed.

The new member vetting process.

To become a member of the Club, there is an initial probationary period of eight Wednesday evening visits (probationary times are 6:15pm to 8pm). It is not necessary that the eight visits be consecutive, however your probation period should be completed within 12 weeks.

You must demonstrate safe firearm handling, the responsibility to adhere to club rules and the ability to take direction.

There is also a mandatory Club level safety course ($50) that is usually run on a Sunday.  After the probationary period is served and the Club level safety course successfully completed, the Club Executive will vote on your acceptance.

There is a one time initiation fee of $75.   If membership is declined or not proceeded with, the initiation fee is refunded.

To ensure that probationary members have the benefit of liability insurance, this coverage will be extended on the fourth probationary visit and cost $45.  This coverage needs to be in place in order to continue.

Also a member of another shooting sports club?

Current members of other clubs wishing to join the PRPC need to serve a probationary period of six Wednesday evening visits.  The initiation fee is waived and while passing the Club level safety course is still required, the fee for attending it, is also waived.

We currently have over 400 members.  Families are welcome and encouraged to join. A Single annual membership is $250 including insurance; an annual Family membership is $350 including insurance. A family member includes a spouse and children from the age of 12 to 17 residing in the same household (20 if a student still attending school).