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Frequently Asked Questions

How to I become a member?

Do I have to be a member to participate?

Members may invite a guest up to 3 times per year and are responsible for them at all times.  Guests must fill out a mandatory guest slip and also be signed in and wear a visitor's badge. Guest slips are available at the sign in desk. Please note that only full members may bring a guest.

What if I'm a member of another shooting club?

Current members of other clubs wishing to join the PRPC need to serve a probationary period of six Wednesday evening visits.  The initiation fee is waived and while passing the Club level safety course is still required, the fee for attending it, is also waived. We do require a recommendation letter from your previous or current club.

As of September 2022, new member applications are slowly being contacted - please contact us to ensure your name is on our waiting list.  

The following process applies:

Interested persons should send an email to that includes your full names, address, phone, and whether you are seeking single or family membership.  Since Covid, names are placed on a waiting list and interested persons are contacted in the order in which their email was received. Once the waiting list has been admitted, we can usually accomodate new members within a few weeks of being contacted.

To become a member of the Club, there is an initial probationary period of eight Wednesday evening visits (probationary times are 6:00pm to 8pm). It is not necessary that the eight visits be consecutive, however your probation period should be completed within 12 weeks.

You must demonstrate safe firearm handling, the responsibility to adhere to club rules and the ability to take direction.

Probationary members are asked to make a one-time donation of $10 when they attend their first Wednesday evening visit.  These funds are donated to a charity as selected by the Executive. We prefer payment by credit, debit or etransfer to - please indicate 'new member donation' in the comment area of your etransfer.

On the 4th visit, prospective members are required to make payment for CSSA insurance - $45.00 for single members and $80.00 for family (pro-rated to March 31 each year).   This is non-taxable and we prefer payment by credit, debit or etransfer to - please indicate 'insurance' in the comment area of your etransfer.

There is also a mandatory Club Level Safety Course that is usually run on a Sunday.  The fee is $50 per person and we prefer payment by credit, debit or etransfer to - please indicate 'safety course' in the comment area of your etransfer.

After the probationary period is served and the Club Level Safety Course successfully completed, the Club Executive will vote on your acceptance.

If accepted for membership, there is a one time initiation fee of $75 per person.  The annual membership fee is also due upon acceptance.  Until the end of March 2023, the fee will be pro-rated to the end of March 2023.  For our new year beginning April 1, 2023, the new membership fee is $210 for single and $290 for family, plus insurance.  Insurance remains unchanged at $45 single and $80 family.  We prefer payment by credit, debit or etransfer to, please indicate 'membership dues' in the comment area of your etransfer.

Do I need to own a firearm to join?

No you do not, however it is preferable.  We have firearms that you may use during your probationary period but after that, if you do not own a firearm you will be dependant on other members to use their firearms.

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